Building a Better Beast Picture

I was so happy with the way that the reworked centaur came out that I've dubbed it the beginning of "Cryptid/Mythid Design Generation 6". I wanted to give followers and fans of both projects a look at the continuing evolution of the process that goes into making their favorite creatures and submissions.

In the latest process (my favorite thus far), I've gotten a few things right: I still begin with the starter framework (Step 1) but I've made the obvious connection to map out the body outline in a different color, here in red (Step 2). The wireframe is then removed and the outline pared down and refined (Steps 3 and 4). A basic color test follows to get the look of each part of the body visualized (Step 5). Now it's time to choose the true palette, here the three colors for the human and horse halves of the body (Step 6)- Details like hair and features are also added. The look is fleshed out and shaded with the 6-10 colors I usually end up using (Step 7). The eye color is then selected and finishing touches are applied (Step 8) to the finished creature or cryptid and it's ready to be placed among the others in the respective projects.

And that's how I continue to build better beasts for your enjoyment
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