The Horse and the Plowman Picture

I was reading this thread on Greek mythology, why witches were always hotties in classical literature, which hero had the coolest death, whether the hydra could beat up the chimera, things like that -and and got me thinking. I tell you, I've got to watch that.
You know, Centaurs are pretty big critters. Half superhero-sized man, half heavy-hunter or light draft horse... they must eat a LOT. I started wondering just how on earth they mannaged to get that much food -that is, without *stealing* it all. I mean, sure, they made crappy wedding guests and they'd occasionaly abduct the bride, and they couldn't hold their licqour and they'd start fights and then guys like Hercules would have to kill them all, and sometimes they held a grudge and threw a frigging forest on top of someone... but they weren't generaly regared as a threat to humanity or anything like that.

So *how*, I wondered...

Then I had this idea. 8)
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