Sanzo in Sagittarius- Complete Picture

It's done! Two days that's all it took- I'm so proud of myself ^__^ [long gone are the days where I could draw, color, shade and complete a picture or three in the same day. My goodness...I miss those days. ;__; ]

Anyhow- after much trial and tribulation with the coloring, and the shading [especially with Sanzo's horsey half--I colored and shaded it THREE TIMES...thought you should all know it took Sanzo's number to get it right ^_^ ] I think I got this how I wanted it to look.

Pardon any rough edges- I did my best to smooth them out and integrate them with the rest of the background- I may have missed some parts. It's late @[email protected] and my eyes hate me for being open still.

His hand. Sanzo's hand. Gher--I took your advice as best as I could and tried to apply.
So here we have him.
Sanzo in Sagittarius.
Shiny background as Gher predicted.

Umm..happy random gift day, Gher?

Sanzo/Saiyuki (c) Minekura
Image (c)Me
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