Failed Greek Blind Date Picture


The Cyclops pic was my first digital painting do be done with no underdrawing, but this my first digital painting, period. XD I do have a scanned sketch under there, but all the color is digital.

I -really- had a hard time with this one. I spent about forty hours working on it, and about 20 minutes on the Cyclops one, and the latter I'm so much happier with, haha. I keep telling myself that this one was valuable for how much I learned as I worked on it, but FSSSSHHHFFFF!!

What the crap is with that boat?! So horrible, but I just couldn't bring myself to fix it, in the end. XD Just didn't care anymore.

Anyway, the concept is that Scylla, the greek myth lady with a lower body composed of six dog heads and twelve dog legs, goes on a date with Charon, who is sometimes portrayed as a skeleton. Or, as the dogs see it, a dog-bone-sculpture with eyes.

...This one will drive me crazy forever, but I refuse to invest any more time with it. XD I think my main problem with it now is compositional... not a lot to be done about it.

Oh, and none of the seven versions of eyes I did for Scylla looked good, that bugged me, too. ><
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