i can be your bodyguard Picture

lardedarrr. this is zambi's fault. she drew the taur girls together all prettily and it made me want to work on figuring out pangea/deer anatomy more. so i did some little study sketches, then cleaned up the ones that didn't suck a lot. there are random info bits about her in the pic because i know if i put 'em in the desc people won't read 'em. hell, there's a good chance people won't read 'em in the picture, either. long story short, if anyone calls her a centaur i'm flipping out. there's a bunch of other crap i wanted to put in there but it would have gotten all rambly. SO. if anyone's actually reading this and has a question, feel free to ask and i'll answer it. unless it's stupid. or has already been answered.

it's under traditional because while the b/g's photoshopped it's just boxes of color and i don't think that qualifies as much work on the pic. really it's just there so i can pretend these are finished enough to post in my normal gallery. also it's under fantasy and not anthro because hinds and taurs are mythological creatures, not anthropomorphic. yea. so. yea. my favorite one is where she's all pissy.

pangea's miiine. lardedar. faving w/o commenting is boo and all of that good stuff.
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