Fyrsta Picture

9"x12" 60lb paper,Pencil, Acrylic, Wine, cranberry tea, salt, pepper.

Part of my Sigur Ros series, this one dedicated to the song Fyrsta from their album: ().
An introduction of a new character called Sleipnir. I always liked the idea of characters with freaky features, extra limbs are no exception. And since Sleipnir is a creature from Norse mythology who had eight legs, I thought, why not?

The random soldier is just there for the sake of showing scale.
I really enjoy doing abstract backgrounds like this, but I hope it isn't so abstract that you can't tell that there is a snow storm going on here.

Unfortunately, my spray bottle broke so I couldn't get the cool texture effect that I got in 'Ny Batteri', but an old toothbrush works just fine I suppose.

I also coated this piece with some old perfume my grandmother gave me that belonged to my great grandmother after she passed away about eight years ago. The perfume that dried up but by adding water I was able to get the smell back. Now my house stinks of her perfume.
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