:.Feel.: -Cover and ppI Picture

You'll want to fullview and scroll sideways to actually read it... ^^ I have bad handwriting, but I prefer to keep it fully traditional (rather than type over my speech bubbles). I may alter this later...

~This is "Feel", a bizarre manga that I've been working on for a while now. (I like to write that with the quotes.) I have seventeen pages finished, and the last two laid out, so you'll definitely get to finish the story. Both the artistic style and the layouts are completely different for me... This is so oddball!

Trivia: Thaleron is the main character, of course; a taciturn man that thinks much more than he speaks. He has a tattoo/marking on his left shoulder, but it doesn't have any real meaning. He also has large hoop earrings, and carries a quiver and bowstaff for hunting purposes. Yes... he has man-boobies... DBZ style. xDDD

I chose not to watermark these pages, even though this is an original story that followed RSoM guidelines. Please do not make me regret this decision... ;_;

"Feel" and all characters within are copyright Miyukitty. Please do not steal!!
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