Princess Megara Picture

According to the Greek myths about Herakles (yes, I mean THAT guy), his very first wife was a princess named Megara. I didn't want her to look like the Megara from Disney's "Hercules," (oh GOD I hate that movie!), but I couldn't help but give her a few things in common with the cartoon character.

As I've stated in a number of my ancient Greek goddess submissions, the Greek people are a dark-haired ethnic group in general. (Once in a while you'll get a blond, but most have dark hair). Hence, why our princess is a brunette. That also brings me to the purple. Because she was royalty, and royalty wore purple in the ancient world to show their status, she's wearing it too.

Only thing is, in the actual myth, there wasn't really much to go on with Princess Megara. She was not a slave to Hades, she was not a feminist, and Herakles did not save her from a nasty, mutated centaur. The princess WAS, however, his very first love and wife, and they had several sons together. (I won't say more b/c it's very tragic from then on).

Not sure if it was her home city or they named it after her, but in ancient Greece, there was a city in the northern part called Megara. They were well-known for their fine pottery.
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