Join me for a Game of Go Picture

So I was on TA's Theme board and decided to turn to Japanese fantasy creatures rather than the regular mythological bunch. You know the types... Centaurs... Fairies... etc. I was originally going to join the crowd and Fairyize some character but then I got struck by lightning, or caffeine or something like that.

So, after discarding a Tails based Kyuubi no Kitsune and a Kapa, I finally settled on a Tanuki and a Tengu. Tentatively named "Miso" (the Tengu) and Natto (the Tanuki), the two are enjoying a game called Go. I believe the game originated in China, but is very popular in Japan. (Currently Shounen Jump, for example, is running a manga called "Hikaru no Go").

Trivia: Tanuki and Tengu are both known for being shape shifters (common theme among spirit animals in Japanese culture).

Tanuki are known also for having very large balls. Since I wasn't on the Adult board, I tastefully decided to give him clothes
Tengu are usually depicted as wearing one toothed getas. Getas are a wooden sandal that usually have two spikes or teeth on which to walk. They're kind of like Japanese high heels, but not so fancy or gay. It's said they make travel in swampy or wet roads easier, but it does take good balance to walk with them effectively, especially one toothed varieties! In Mononoke Hime, one of the characters wears unbelievably long toothed getas.

More Trivia: Japan is known for its paper fans. Summers can get very hot and muggy, so they get plenty of use. The Fans Miso holds are symbols of Japan - check out the Japanese flag, one red dot on a white background!
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