The Lyre on Pelion Picture

Possibly still in progress...not sure.

'Later Achilles would play the lyre, as Chiron and I listened. My mother's lyre. He had brought it with him. " I wish i had known " i said, the first day when he had showed it to me. " I almost did not come, because i did not want to leave it." He smiled. " Now I know how to make you follow me everywhere." '

Page 80 - The Song of Achilles

Because i adore the book, please read it if you enjoy ancient Greek mythology and heroes. It is in fact, my new favourite, knocking Poppy Z. Brites ' Lost Souls? ' down to second.

A second piece for the Song of Achilles. This one has gone OK, uploading it now and taking a fresh look at it tomorrow morning.

I'm rather happy to say that i did in fact get to meet Madeline Miller a few nights ago and she was one of the most humble and sweetest people i have ever met

(her and i. yes she is quite small and i quite tall and also, a fitting shirt for Mort's creator right? - [link] ).

She was also incredibly happy to see that someone had done art for her, which i was literally gibbering over. Her publicist from Bloomsbury also happened to be there and took my business card and said that they'd like to post them on her facebook fan page. so. yeah, i am pretty damned happy with this result. Lets hope the last one in this current series of 3 works out ok!

thoughts, favourites and comments always appreciated
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