Spero Again Picture

I haven't drew Spero for DA like in months or so. XD
If you guys don't know who is Spero, well, here's the previous pic that I did [link] , and now explain to you who he is;

Spero is a young Centaur, who lives in one of few islands (where centaurs, nymphs, fauns, satyrs, or other creatures live) , and he is the youngest of the five brothers. However, while most centaurs are tough and warrior-like, Spero is....well....different, because he's not into fighting stuff, and furthermore, unlike his older brothers, he's more humble and wise. Since he's too different, he was an outcast from the other centaurs, who all think he's strange for differences. That's why his brothers (except the eldset one) picked on him and made fun of him as bullies.
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