The Manticore and his Kill Picture

I have shown you my interpretation of both Manticores and Centaurs but I really wanted to experiment a little more with the body shape of the Centaur.

I knew Centaurs were killed by Manticores in my story, they throw their poisonous barbs into the body and then chase them down as they die (note the missing barbs in the tail). But I wondered what it would look like to see a Centaur lying on it's side, of how the Manticore would carry it.

Up the top right is a picture of a Manticore paw, they have longer fingers and a "thumb" which goes along with the "human" aspect of the Manticores description.

The bottom right it just a dead Centaur, another angle showing the legs and arms splayed out.

So this has added to my story a little, one of the herd is killed though I am not sure which one yet. But if you feel sorry for the Centaur then consider, as the main character must, that this was a Manticore going to feed her children. Although the Centaurs are killed they live with this every day, for those that think it is unfair they must consider when they kill to eat and how every creature has the right to live. After all, the fastest of the herd survived and the strongest of the Manticore will live.
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