first centaur 01 Picture

I had a dream with a centaur in it a while back, so I thought I'd draw said centaur. this is not him. this is the centaur I drew first, just to get a feel for horse-like anatomy since this is only about the fourth centaur I've drawn my whole life.

I think it turned out pretty well, for only being the fourth ever, and the first within the last 5 years. I wanted more of a sturdy looking horse, I don't like flimsy stick-for-leg horses, and I think I accomplished that. his horse-body needs to be a bit longer, and I made note of that.

the background leaves much to be desired, but at least it's a background. I wanted some ruins and stuff back there in the field, but it just didn't happen. so I have a feeling I'll be revisiting this pic in the future.

oi, I talk too much.
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