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This is the second half!!! Half I say, but not so, because there are only seven races so I had to fill up space with "extra" or "special" cards. These will be replaced in this picture if and when I decide to add another race to the quota.
I am currently lingering between elves and fauns. It'll probably end up being the fauns, because elves are way too stereotyped. The only reason I haven't added one or the other yet is because I am having difficulty finding another "bad guy" race! Ahaha.

Now for the inevitable... a lengthy explanation:

They have a high attack but low defence, because it is had to do all that fancy parry and shield work when you have four legs to sort out.
I know centaurs are greek, but they always seemed so celtic to me....
I know the girl doesn't look as good as she could; after the background I ran out of time XD


The male and female fairies look almost like a different race, haha! XD None of them actually need their wings, since they fly by magic; but the fairy-women wear them as decoration, sort of like humans wear jewelry. It is not a mark of status, since fairies have a each-for-his-ownself type society.
Fairies make ideal spies, because of their small size and the fact they can fly.


... These people creep me out....
They stop physically aging at the age of 12.
Yes, they are the "beast tamers" of the game...I shouldn't say exactly "tamers" but they can turn the animals to your side.


Just made because I thought up an extra variation that couldn't be included in the pack.
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