Urendir Picture

Urendir is the youngest son of a High Elven Baron and his wife. Being his father's youngest son and quite far away from being his heir, his plans for him were simple - he received an excellent education in all the classic fields of knowledge a noble should be trained in like reading, writing, playing the flute and archery, and hopefully, he was to be wed to some young noblewoman that he would come across. Urendir, however, had other plans. In his free time, he learned the tales of adventurers and heroes, fantasizing he could one day be like them. One day, after a stupid argument with his father, he simply set out and left the house of his father, off to persue his dreams.
In reality, obviously, things aren't that simple. Not having lived a single day in the real world, he stumbled through Arnuen Forest in the middle of a terrible snow storm. An old ranger found him in the snow, starving and almost frozen to death. He took pity on him, and took him in, raising him as the son he never had. He taught him the ways of the forest, and for some time they were happy together. But he was a human, and a sick and old one at that. Two years later, when his sickness got worse as it did every winter, he died.
Urendir was devastated. Never before had he seen death. And death by old age was unheard of in the Elven race. On that very day he took an oath to take up his adopted father's mantle and keep the forest safe, both for the sentient beings that pass through it, and also from them.
He now lives in the ranger's old hut and views himself as the protector of the forest. He has struck up a relationship with the centaurs who live in the eastern part of the forest, and they are his only friends and intelligent companions.
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