Mythological Wishes Picture


Stan: *Yawns* It was so good to sleep for once I can sleep

Stan: Hello Jonath-aAAAAAAN!!
Jon: o_O hey temper, temper!
Stan: Since when you got this snake body!?

Stan: Holy cows, how many times did I sleep? A century?
Have we been invaded by snakes-men? someone actually told me only seagulls would inv..
Jon: I'm a Naga, not a snake! Stan: This is the same, Jon >> I came to see Mummah and I asked her to turn me into a Naga.

Stan: Our....mother...can do...THAT sort of things?
Jon: Well yeah I guess. * it's normal for him*

*Stan's mind*
O3O wow
Cly: *magical words*
Jon: *O*

Jon: Neh bro, I can see you now as a fierce centaur, what ya think?
Stan: 0__0" well....
Jon: What about Anton?
Stan: Do guinea-pig-taur exist? XD
Jon: Lulz

Anton: Talking 'bout meh? wow since when you got that snake bodeh.

>8D I already drew Jon as a Naga but it was to nasty for dA so it ended up on FurAff x3 ofufu Now I shall plan to draw Stan as a fierce stallion *3* :drools:


Ouai jsais pas, jme suis levée un jour avec cette idée dans la tête. Jon en Naga, Stan en centaure, Anton en...jsaispastropquoi encore, Shin en manticore (yay XD) Je crois avoir été influencée par mes cours de mytho touça touça.
J'ai déjà fait un dessin de Jonathan en naga mais c'était trop cockquin pour le montrer sur dA.

*imagine Stan en centaure*
Ouhlàlà *happyplz*

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