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Well the Centaur Equius sketches were really popular...I ended up getting a lot of requests for more Naga Sollux and Satyr Gamzee...and also people making suggestions for what other people could I started up another batch of sketches based on...I don't want to straight up call it mythology cause I did zero research and also...some of these ain't mythological at it's just fanatasycreaturestuck I suppose.

1.) Naga Sollux lacks the ability to hiss.
2.) Bull-taur? Tavros.
3.) Satyr Gamzee....these first three where just like...test runs.
4.) Dragon Terezi; I was originally gonna draw her as a naga too....but then this looked way cooler.

5.) Full Sollux; cause I gotta ruin everything with kink art. Also completely unrelated to #11 so don't even go there.

6.)Seahorse Eridan.

7.) I had absolutely no idea what to do with now he appears to be some sort of were-crab.

8.) Spider Vriska and Cow Tavros....not colored cause I'm lazy.

9.) Equitaur and Panzee....His flute playing abilities are less then....high quality.

10.) Sphinx Nepeta....Yep.

11.) Naga Sollux and Fox Dave....Guilty pairing of mine~ I don't know.

And that's it for now. I promise I'll upload something...more....regular? Next post.

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