Air: Harpy Picture

at last! the fourth of my elemental series. fyi: the series features a mythological creature that's part-animal representing each element. this is, though it may not entirely seem to be, a harpy. i had a hard time making a bird-woman work for my particular style. that's why she kinda looks like a basilisk or a rooster, and not as harpy-esque as them images found in greco-roman pottery. din't draw her other arm/wing cuz, well, found it too cumbersome to do so. i chose the colour violet/purple cuz i dunno, it reminds me of the sky. haha. how shallow.

meanwhile, if you're interested, here are the other 3 elements in the series:
water: mermaid: [link]
earth: centaur: [link]
fire: lamia: [link]

i'm gonna upload the images of all 4 elements in my prints gallery. hopefully, someone takes a risk at my art.
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