Roman Centaur Picture

Messing around last night.
I was thinking to myself, "The greeks we know about. But how would the Romans react to mythical creatures? What if one tried to enlist???" So I talked to a few people and asked an utterly off-the wall question or two, and came up with this.

There's pleanty of flaws, I know, I see most if not all of them. But then, this thing was a doodle on the back of a 4x6 note card. Proportion gets all messy and stuff at that scale.

Since the Romans were always lacking in the heavy cavalry department, I figure he can be in the alaes, in the auxilia. Of course, that means I can't let him wear the lorica segmentata.
...Ooh! ooh! unless he's an equites, because citizens in the cavalry got to wear the lorica!

...but how the heck would a centaur get citizenship.

Bah, it's fantasy, I can do whatever the heck I want.
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