Centaur unpainted Picture

the centaur for the mythology project. sculpted him a long time ago, so by now he's gotten a bit busted up, one arm has been broken a few times by rough handling, as well as one ear. his front legs became a bit warped when baking the clay made it too soft to hold itself up.. I am considering doing a re-sculpt. the anatomy here was a bit of a riddle. no actual creature would have two separate rib cages and two separate organ systems, as the traditional centaur would suggest. so I had to find a way to meld them together. the result? a rib cage that continues all the way through the torso and along the lower body, not unlike a snake's. this creates much more room for the internal organs. the heart, lungs, and first stomach lay within the upright torso, while the other stomachs and intestines (along with any other organs) lay within the lower body. because the organs are not all contained in the lower body, this allows for a smaller, slimmer build as opposed to a horse's large midsection. the skull structure came from studying the human skull, and the horse skull, and developing something of a halfway point.
any thoughts or opinions are welcome, so long as they are civil. material used was polymer clay, and glass beads for eyes.
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