Svadilfari, the unlucky Traveler Picture

This doll was my dream for about five years now and finally I was able to get my hands on him in April. So he is 2nd hand, and I had to restore him from head to hooves- I am done with that now, the old paint is gone and he is white again and ready for his new paintjob.
May take some time for I still have cosplaywork to do and only 2 weeks left till "Connichi", but last weekend I felt so fed up and needed something diffrent. So I started on Svadilfaris Face-up.
Since he is a Centaur doll he is going to be Svadilfari, the horse from norse mythology; I love vikings and I wanted to give him a "direction in style", and my girlfriend has a Loki doll already ^.~

So, well, this is it, his new face. First time I tried on a realhair beard for a painted one did not really satisfy me. One of his eyes is blind due to the injury he once suffered, resulting in the scars.

Maybe I can show more of him soon!

Doll- Souldoll Chiron Centaur
Faceup- done by me
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