Chiron the centaur Picture

So I've already mentioned a while ago in my Journal that I would be working on my drawing of Chiron/Cheiron, so here it is.
There's an ancient story about him in Greek mythology which I'd like to share with you. Actually the story is more important than the picture itself:

The Story of Chiron

Chiron was a noble centaur and the son of the Titan Cronos. Unique among this usually badly behaved race and with his knowledge in music, medicine, horses, hunting and martial arts, he became the teacher of several Greek heroes (Achilles, Asclepius, Herakles, Jason, Aeneas and Peleus).
Chiron is credited with inventing medicine, a topic in which he instructed the heroes- a good thing too since the atheltic heroes must have made ample use of a short course in sports medicine. In the story of Phineus and the Harpies, Jason uses this received instruction to remove the curse of blindness from the king's eyes.
During a fight with the Ixion-sired Centaurs, Herakles accidentally wounded Chiron with a poisioned arrow. He suffers from this incurable aching wound unable to heal himself he accepts his suffering as a part of his immortal life and deploys his healing abilities to serve the Gods and humans.

Today Chiron is also an aspect in astrology and seen as a symbol of personal weakness.He's showing us the confrontation with pain and the less beatiful parts inside of a human being but on the same hand he symbolizestheir acceptance aof life and is therefore a symbol of mental growth. People born under the ascendant Chiron know pain and want to help and heal others.
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