Valentine's Day ...? Picture

'Cuz this isn't late ... at frikkin' all.

This is for Valentine's Day, come and gone, O holiday of happy fluffy pink yuckiness. So you all get Nessus in bunny ears, and Tak, because I don't draw him enough and he's friggin' cute.

I started this last week when it wasn't beside the point ... I have just not had any spare time that wasn't before nine at night, which is when my roomie gets on the webcam with his girlfriend overseas. I wasn't going to keep kicking him off just to get a V-Day pic done (which would be ironic
The cel-shading is crap, but I am just not working on this anymore. But far be it from me to deny you a playboy-bunny centaur. What a stud ... I can't imagine why Kendrea doesn't want to have his children. She must be crazy
Photoshop CS

Nessus and Tak are copyright Nikita "Thayle" Malha.
Sleep now.
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