Hawthorn Picture

Hawthorn is the eldest son of Foxtrot and Cottonblossom - though he may as well have been related to Nightshade. Hawthorn is brash and overzealous, loud and proud. He has always had a tendency to jump to conclusions and seek out the most irresponsible course of action, and drives his father to distraction. Alongside his younger brother, Applewitch, he gets them into all sorts of trouble.
When Nightshade approaches Foxtrot privately asking him to unite their herds, Foxtrot refuses, but Hawthorn overhears and thinks otherwise. Sure enough he joins Nightshade in his efforts to start a war, and inadvertently, gets the other foolish foals involved as well.

Hawthorn is a bit of a mess, I might paint him again! ha ^^
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