IR Centyr Picture

Concepts for the science fiction Immortals Reforged miniatures (and eventual game.) by moonfleet miniatures.
[link] (not available yet tough.)

the Centyr (to sound a bit more futuristic than centaur does.. altough.. alpha centauri.. ) I made them more equine (tough his face is too covered to notice here.) than the centaurs of myth to be a more xenoid species than just human torsos on horse bodies.. the small body and large/tall legs are not an error either, I did a lot of sketches untill I found a system were I think the whole centaur concept works (generally I think it looks silly, biggest problem being either the humongous size of the horse part compared to the torso or the torso being too large for the body to carry, I think this would work.)
they are a Gaia subfaction, obviously.
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