Zebedee Woods- AM Application Picture

Guys. Guys. Guys. A school based group filled with cute monster students? I couldn't resist! It is perfection. I only wish that I could draw deer bodies better, any tips or critique will help enormously. So many references, sketching, and revising but this could have turned out so much worse so I'm just rolling with it. I do love centaurs so maybe drawing Dee will get me more used to drawing not only deer, but dynamic poses too since he's a pretty 'all out there' character. Ah, I'll just have to see in the future whether or not!

EDIT 3.2.14 I GOT IN?! Ah, ah, ah, aaaa ;0; talk about unexpected but wow, monsters galore. HADES HOUSE, GOTTA REPRESENT!
Blank 'Hades' Application belongs to AlmaMonster

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