Tangrismon Picture

EDIT: His sword Tundra Edge has been removed from the picture, but still plays a part. It's now a blade forged out of 'ice' which he can summon on a whim whenever he wishes and any enemy who lays a hand on it will be frozen solid as punishment.

I have finally updated the design of Soujimon's mega level. His overall design has been tweaked in some way, for the sake of fitting in with the rest of his evolution line.
His stats are, as usual, below for anyone interested.

His sword, the Tundra Edge, can be summoned at will and the shield-like contraptions are his default 'hands'. How does he weild the sword with those hands? Lets just say it's because of magic.

Fresh and In-training Level: Feadumon, Skipmon
Rookie Level: Soujimon
Champion Level: Ouyagimon
Ultimate Level: Jostmon
Mega Level: Tangrismon


"Tangris"= Norse Mythology, Tangrisner, one of the goats who pulled Thor's chariot.
Level: Mega
Attribute: Data
Group: Holy Knight
Attacks: Hel God Slash, Tundra Force, (third attack under construction)
Personality: Due to the rarity of this Digimon, the general nature of the Tangrismon is unknown.
The only Tangrismon to date has been known to be strict but kind and extremely prideful, to the point were he won't even use his sword against any unworthy opponent(s). He believes that turning his blade on someone unworthy will stain his pride as a knight.
Rumors has it that he often travels mountains and large terrains just for fun, but the individual himself has never admitted this openly. As his previous forms, Tangrismon values loyalty above anything else, considering the act of betrayal to be the one crime that is completely unforgivable.
Truth to be told, none wants this Digimon as an enemy, for Tangrismon doesn't forgive and he definately doesn't forget.

Hel God Slash: (Only when the sword is summoned) Charges his sword "Tundra Edge" with energy, then proceeds to attack the opponent(s) with the blade. The sword slices, freezes and breaks apart the opponent(s) and everything surrounding them.
The Tundra Edge can freeze the ground and his opponent(s) from a distance, turning targets into solid ice that will break break apart by the sheer force of the shockwave from his attack.

Tundra Force: Puts his hands together and generates a ball of energy from them. Releases the energy as a huge blast that tears through anything unfortunate enough to be caught in its path.
(The attack has a habit of leveling everything within its general radius, reducing its surroundings into a 'tundra'-like state)


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