What Have I Done Picture

Excuse me while I try to wash the shame of this picture off of me. (shiver)


Okay, in all honesty, after drawing Centaur!Thor, I wondered what the hell Tony's armor would look like on a horse's body. I mean, its quite a dilemma. Think about it - centaurs have a human head, arms, and torso. They also have a horse's body, and disregard the horse's neck and head entirely. That technically means Tony has TWO hearts. Which in turn, would mean he would have to have TWO arc reactors. But it would totally screw up the physiology of Iron Man because the whole reason Tony became Iron Man was because he was captured, tortured, threatened, had his eyes opened, and quite literally his chest, too. Would they have to do surgery on his horse torso, too? Would the horse torso even get pelted with shrapnel? Do you see how much I'm overthinking this?! Oh, god, someone slap some sense into me now. (groan)

Tony Stark (c) Marvel Comics.
The Concept (c) Sadly, me.
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