Cannon Fodder Creature Feature Picture


Well, this is a re-tooling of one of the first Cannon Fodder Drawing I did in photoshop. Because of that, it was really rough and, quite frankly, kinda bad. So I guess it wasn't too much of a shame that it was one of the casualties of my gallery purger. Gave me a chance to re-work it and make it better. So anyway, what's going on here is that my resident mad scientist Regina has recently performed some manner of experiment that has resulted in her and her friends being turned into various mythological half-human creatures. From Left to right we have; Zoey, as a bird-brained Harpy, Claire as a rather sad mermaid , Jamie as a rather angry centaur, Erica and a manticore, Tori as a preoccupied dryder, and lastly Regina herself as a naga.

Not completely happy with how it turned out but I do think I did a pretty good job of making a complete scene.

And of course hit the download button to get a better view...and to see all the mistakes better
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