The Elite of Six: The Ocean Picture

The sixth and the final character from the Elite of Six.

The official name of the picture is "Le coeur de la mer", "The Heart of the Ocean".

Behold my absolute masterpiece so far. This is probably the best picture I've made so far. She's quite interesting since there's actually three different forms put together into only one body; a human, a horse and a fish. There's a mythical animal called 'hippocampus' which is partly a horse and partly a fish. I think it becomes from the Greek mythology. It was an interesting task to try to make a centaur form of a hippocampus. Although this one is the last one of the six pictures, it was finished first; when I was still doing the five others (yes, I don't draw chronologically but I always start many projects simultaneously and then it takes so long to finish them all) when I suddenly got an idea for a position for this character. I quickly sketched it onto an A4 paper and drew it again onto A3 paper the next day. It took me four hours to sketch it properly. Then I inked and coloured it for several days. It was ready in a week but there were a couple of days in the middle when I didn't do it at all, so I'd say four days altogether.
I'm happy I decided not to make her hair just float around in the water but actually draw all of them as beautiful curls; it looks damn pretty. And the jewelry came out well, I like them a lot. I also love the colouring, especially the tail came out very beautiful. There's about seven different colours in the tail, believe me or not. And background isn't the worst either. Great.
Overall: a damn great and beautiful drawing. I love it to small pieces. <3

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