Enchanted Barnyard Picture

I discovered the UGLY TRUTH about Unicorns...
sure they are these beautiful and magical creatures, and its all spiffy until they EAT YOUR WALLET, and Pants, and woodwork... and tin cans.... because as it turns out, they are GOATS!!!! ...and they smell funky!

Okay, so I have a strange sense of humor...
I was going to do another take on one of my most unexpectedly popular sketches (the Heavier Centauress) and well, it sort of turned into a bit of the UNEXPECTED magic of the Barnyard.

The Unicorn (Goat) not actually being a true unicorn (as it actually has 2 horns, they just twist arround eachother to form one slightly abstract horn)

The Winged Cow (much older concept than the Winged Horse! It goes back to Egyptian Mythology of the Goddess Hathor and even predates that in mesopatamian sculpture), here represented as a CALF, since my winged Calf sketch was also so unexpectedly popular.

and you can see the beginings of a Pheonix, here done as a Pheonix CHICKEN (a REAL breed of Oriental chicken with excessively long tails) who are reputed to be partly responsible for calling the Sun Goddess Amaterasu out of her cave.

Its whimsical and silly, because I love to laugh and because I thought it was cute, and WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO JUDGE ME DAMN IT!

Im allowed to be interested in multiple subjects, and well, I just liked it, DEAL WITH IT!
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