Kelpie-Centaur Picture

Couldn't finish this in time for Halloween... oh well. This was TONS of fun. A kelpie is a horse with reeds for hair. I couldn't see it as anything but a white horse, for some bizarre reason. I have no idea why.
As for why I made it centaurian (yeah, made that word up), is mainly because, I CANNOT DRAW HORSE HEADS AT THAT ANGLE. Sorry. Plus, I wanted to make her a centaur. I like centaurs.
I might do a centaur-Sleipnir sometime... (Yeah, I've been sucked in to the Avengers (and consequently the other movies, and Loki, and Norse mythology) like everyone else.)

I'm also an amateur at the whole... background thing. Don't judge me.

Art © Me
Avengers © Marvel (short random mention yes. I'm not taking any chances)
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