Monster High - Centaur OC Picture

This lovely duo is the dating centaur couple and current Home-screaming King and Queen.

Name: Kain Ferus
Age: 18
Parents: Chiron and his centaurette.
Freaky Flaw: It's kind of impossible to fit in with normies.
Favorite Color: Dark Blue
Favorite Food: Apples
Biggest Pet Peeve: Being mistaken for my Dad. Can I help it if I look just like him?
Favorite Activity: Going out for a midnight run.
Pet: My dad, Chiron, says I'm already too much of an animal
BFF's: Duece Gorgon, Lyra Bane (GF)
Favorite School Study: Astronomy
Least Favorite School Study: Dead Languages

Name: Lyra Bane
Age: 17
Parents: Centaurs
Freaky Flaw: Like Kain, my inabbility to walk amongst normies
Favorite Color: Grass Green
Favorite Food: Sugar Cubes...what can i say, I have a sweet tooth!
Biggest Pet Peeve: Flies.
Favorite Activity: Taking midnight stroles with Kain...its the only time we can stretch our legs
Pet: Well, I am half horse...I don't want to trample some poor bunny!
BFF's: Clawdeen Wolf, Kain Ferus (BF)
Favorite School Study: Drop-dead Drama
Least Favorite School Study: Greek Mythology - I've lived it

I made this OC from Azalea's Dress Up Dolls which can be accessed through and under the Characters Tab. All rights go them for the base. All rights go to me for the combination that makes the beautiful couple
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