Ghost Picture

Ghost is an unusual foal. He lives in the Copper herd with Applewitch and is a good friend to him, but is different to many of the centaurs, in that he was born completely blind. Ghost cannot see and therefore cannot take care of himself, especially in a world where you might have to run from the predator lurking in the bushes at every turn. Despite being taller than the other foals, he must resign to their care, and though he is softly spoken and kind, this is something he has always wished he could do something about - to prove that he is not helpless.
The human rustlers come to gather new gifts for their King, and due to his unusual pale colours, they target Ghost as a present for the young princess. Her old centaur is old and considered useless - they need a new one to entertain her, and they attempt to steal him. Applewitch tries to help but gets caught too. Soon enough Ghost is hauled away, but upon finding he is blind, they decide he is of little use: luckily his culling is stopped in the nick of time, but a life in a walled rose garden is not much of a life for a centaur either. However, as time passes and he befriends the elderly centaur Magnolia there, Ghost comes to believe that he would be better off as a pet. In some irony, he feels he has independence in a garden that he can know without fear.

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