Whitefoot Picture

Whitefoot's name sake is his single white leg - something that his parent's told him was lucky. Whitefoot doesn't feel lucky, though, in fact, everything scares him. This little foal is too young to be away from his parents but ends up stolen by the King's wranglers just like Applewitch and Ghost. And while being held prisoner, Whitefoot learns of the legend of the missing centaur prince Bymeadow, and discovers that it might not be just a story after all. Perhaps Bymeadow was kept in this pen as well - and Applewitch soon considers that maybe he is still alive. The wranglers have a knack for cracking frightened little foals by gaining their trust, roping them up and taming them. He steps in to stop them taming Whitefoot too quickly, but if Bymeadow was tamed, then where is he now? A nameless knight in the ranks of the King? Or worse?
Whitefoot soon clings to Bumblebee and the others in hope of getting home. He is sweet natured and softly spoken, and though easily spooked finds comfort with his new friends. But he's a long way from the herd he calls home - and Applewitch is sure to get him into even more trouble!
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