Onion Picture

Onion is Applewitch's best friend (and one of my favourite centaur oc's.) Onion was so called because of his sharp white hair that he was born with as a colt - and since then he has grown like a weed, being one of the largest colts in the Copper herd, and the most energetic. Much like Applewitch, Onion is a boisterous troublemaker, causing havoc whereever he goes. He is strong and fast and they are often seen racing one another through the woodlands. Rabbits leap in terror from their thundering hooves. Indeed he follows Applewitch everywhere, and he barrels headfirst into trouble when Applewitch gets caught by the rustlers and is taken back to the human kingdom. They wouldn't take Onion because of his boring colours, but naturally, Onion will rescue him, and charge to the castle fearlessly. Onion isn't afraid of anything!
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