Foxtrot and Cottonblossom Picture

Foxtrot is the leader of the Copper herd, so called for his bright ginger coat, and the bright coats of his family. He is descended from the same heritage as Nightshade - their fathers, Ravenwood and Redwood, were brothers, who established the herds in the area. But Foxtrot is not the same as Nightshade - he is laid back, opened minded and a little bit of a nervous stallion. The safety of his herd is paramount, and he fusses something terrible. However Cottonblossom, his beautiful wife, is there to make sure he doesn't freak out too much. She is a courageous and pure spirit who keeps him confident and advises him. Together they has two sons, Hawthorn, and Applewitch.
When Nightshade comes to try and get the Copper Herd to join his own in going to war, its unsurprising that Foxtrot refuses. He wants to take the herd further into the mountains to hide them, not to fight. Cottonblossom tries to convince him that it probably isn't the wisest thing to run from Nightshade forever...

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