Magic School Bus Goes Fantasia Picture

My sister calls the one part of Fantasia the "Greco-Roman Frolic" and for some reason I've been wanting to draw them as half-human-half-animals. I decided to make them all different kinds of myth creatures. I think it's odd that what we consider Anthro today is much different than the ancient Greek version... So... I went with Wanda as the Mermaid, Phoebe as the Centaur, DA as a Harpy, Carlos as a Satyr, Frizz as a Naga, was kinda going with werewolf-esque thing for Ralphie, Tim is like a centaur but a deer. Keesha is part leopard which I think at least there's a part lion in mythology and Arnold is definately not in mythology as part dinosaur. And Liz... heh, is part human.

I wasn't originally going to shade this but ended up doing that anyway.
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