Thistle Picture

One of my centaur oc's, this is Thistle. One of many, may I add, all linked together!
Thistle is an older centaur: and a good one to start off with, I think. She is the loyal wife to Nightshade, leader of the Ebony herd. Her son, Bymeadow, was the destined prince of the Centaurs, as the Ebony herd was the dominant of the centaur families. However when he was a very young foal, Bymeadow vanished, most likely stolen by human rustlers to be groomed into a knight for the selfish human King. He was never seen again.
Thistle remains wise and stoic in the face of adversity, unlike Nightshade, who turned to war. She is peaceful by nature and loved by her people. Will she ever seen Bymeadow again? She thinks so, one day.

Please keep out an eye for my other centaurs! ^^
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