Cute Little Beastmen Picture

...And now for something random. |D
Yeah, this has no bigger purpouse, I just wanted to draw some chibies. First I was gonna draw only my human-faced beasts, but then I felt that my other "beastmen" characters needed some love too. |D
So this is a completely random pic of some of my characters I consider as beastmen as chibies. =w= Meeeh.
And don't ask why it's so PINK. I just... Felt pink, I guess. D: Maybe it'll make these horrible man-eating beasts [...?] even cuter. =*w*=
From left to right.

Kleitos, shy stork harpy guy.
Sintti, intimidating-looking but kind shark-merman. [Who my mom called a sea troll, thanks mom.]
Leo, pretty unfortunate but upbeat manticore.
Ares, despite his name a really wussy centaur.
Amadi, brave and gutsy zebra centaur, Ares's adopted brother.
Manu, irritated little badass-uke coral snake naga.
Hafiz, an emo manticore who's had lots of trouble in his life.
Elpis, kind sphinx who's got a thing for manticores. The only chick here.

...So yeah, all of these characters are mythological "beastman" creatures. =w= And all charas are mine.
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