The Centaur's Rest Picture

After the festival and the parade is done with, the floats are simply set down out of the way near the car park and bike park near the university entrance. Then everyone gets back into their regular clothes and awaits another day at school. The floats stood in this spot for a long, long time if I remember correctly- think it wasn't until New Years or so when they had vanished from the spot, taken in for future parades, or maybe recycled into materials for future floats. Can't be the 41st Takuma Festival every year after all.

Anyhoo, here's a final look at the centaur float. I'll be putting up pics of the other floats after this, alongside some which I didn't snap on the way (me and Tomomi and the others were following the top end of the parade and caught the rest when they came into the park).
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