Drawing Foundations Final Picture

UGHHHHH why can't I ever take a decent digital photograph of anything? I'm really sorry this is blurred guys. I took so many too, and this was the least blurry. I need a tripod or a slave or something. Maybe I'll do a retake this summer if I can. The full, but blurred image is in my scraps section here - [link]

Centaur lady has saggy boobs D:

For our Drawing Final we had to do a drawing that was roughly 50x70 inches that included at least four figures, human or animal, and one of them had to be ourselves. Remember the toga photo? Yeah...
I really really really reeeeally wanted a sphinx in there (possibly flirting with the centaur) but I couldn't figure out how to put it in. Poo.

Vine and bulletin charcoal, white pastel, white conte on warm grey Tiziano paper.
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