Otherworldly Centaur Picture

Just a spot of drawing practice; I'm trying to get better at drawing mythical beasts, demons and animals, so what better way to practice, than with some Hybrid anatomy?

It's just something I've noticed, but by adding elements from animals, you can instantly make a person look more demonic; adding elements from multiple animals, especially if they're not associated, can really alter it into something otherworldly. For example; Man+Horse+Dragon looks more menacing than an ordinary centaur; next time, it might be fun to combine a centaur and a Kirin, as that's bound to have some unique effects.
Also, add a random ball of magic, and things instantly look more supernatural/menacing.

It's also possible I put waaaay to much emphasis on his abs again; I've really gotta stop subconsciously perving on my own art. At least he's not entirely anatomically correct, eh?
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