Centaur vs. Harpy Picture

I can't believe it. I finished something ._.

A dumb sketch I decided to spend a little more time on than I first planned. No refs. Pretty lousy anatomy.
Bah, as long as I have something new for change -_-

'been working my ass off lately, so I apologize profusely for not submitting anything and for not replying promptly to messages, comments etc...
To those of you who are waiting for a reply; allez courage, I'll get to you ASAP.
And to those whom I have trades/giftarts for: patience. I'm getting there. But I'm so extremely worn out. x__x

Enjoy this in the meantime. Not sure if I should tag it for mature content; but I don't think so. There's no blood and only a few (warning! succumbing to primitive language)... boobs. ._. (this is the reason I dislike drawing girls. but as an artist (even a lousy wannabe-one) I can't choose to not draw these things. Sigh.)
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