Blue Centaur Couple Picture

The centaurette in this image is also 1 of my favorites. She's blue, (which is my fave color), & I love her super-long tail covered in flowers. You can't see it in the game, but in "Fantasia" it swept the ground, and she had to walk in a special way to make it drag right. At one point, she struts her stuff with some other girl centaurs like the group's in a modeling show for the guys, lol.

I'm somewhat bothered, though, that her chosen mate looks like a blond twin brother to the lonely centaur we see later, who found a centaurette with blond pigtails (You can see him in my "Cute Centaur Couple" piece). It seems the animators spent more time on the females than the males in this part of the cartoon.
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