OLD centaur creature sculpt from around 2001 Picture

For whoever might be interested, I found some OLD photos of my older work...from maybe 2001, give or take a year. This is OLD stuff though, I've grown quite a bit since I made this.

NOTE: The friend I made this for (my first karate instructor), is not the same person I made the old dragon sculpt for as a commission...the dragon was for another sensei who I do not have much respect for and quit training there years ago, lol.

This is a centaur creature type figure that I sculpted for a friend I was in love with for ten years straight, when I was younger in my late teens/early 20s. He was my first karate teacher and I was only 14 when I met him. He's been a dear friend and mentor, and still is a close friend even though we don't talk often (he's in another state/we drifted). Since I was too young at the time, and then we moved, I didn't end up telling him how I felt til yeaaaars later when I decided I needed to move on from the feelings I had. Before then, after we moved from Colorado back to CA, I made him this as a gift....I basically just made it up, lol...a random creature/gift. I sculpted it out of Sculpey Bake and Bend, so the figure has a flexible feel to it. I painted it with acrylics, and some vivid cell vinyl paints called Cartoon Colors. This friend of mine will always hold a special place in my heart, and I respect him greatly as a karate teacher. I'm unsure he knows how much of an inspiration he was to me in Karate over the years, and still is. Back in 2005, I was able to fly to Colorado, and he tested me for my black belt (which I gained). Those are some amazing memories, and I'm so thankful I could earn that rank through him, even after training in another dojo in CA for years after the fact.

Artwork Copyright Angela Pileggi (AKA AMP, Meadowknight).
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