Deer Picture

It started out as a little doodle I did at school, and turned into this! YAR!
Okay, we all know I can't draw worth pookie-dookie. Like duh. But I do have good moments, right? ;-; -not-
So, at first it was a deer. And then I putt the little mane thingie on it. And then it reminded me of Yakul, the red elk from Princess Mononoke. So yeah.
I have serious mental issues. We all know this.
And just to say, I have doodled more than this. Mostly just the Centaur peoples' because I'm stupid. The horie part is okay but I've been failing MISERABLY on the human part! I've gone to B&N's like three different times looking for a book of male nude poses, for I do need to work on my anatomy. UBER FAIL. So yeah. So much sadness there ;-;

Here's a question for all of you on a form of Mythology. Apparently we all know what Centaurs are, correct? The little horse/human thing. Well, wtf are those critters that have a humanoid body but have the horns like my above deer? See, last Monday in Anime Club, a guy brought in his Magic Cards, but the box he had them in was mega sex, with several of those little human horned critters. I just can't think of the name! Can anyone help out? I'll love you for life!
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