Centaur Warrior Part 1 Picture

It's been a very busy holiday weekend this time around and despite it all, I found a little while to push this impromptu drawing forward.

Don't yet know where I'm going to go with it, but it will probably be something ornate.

Went to a gem and mineral show over the weekend and bought a tool and die set that allows me to cut disks out of metal sheet, and then to hammer the disks into domes. A new super power!

Got some new computer hardware and spent a LONG time this evening working on machines. One I owned, and two for friends...

Also bought 2 new cels. First one is of InuYasha all dark and scary when Toutousai imagines what IY will think when he finds out that his "special training" is nothing more than filling a bath for the old swordmaster. Second one is when InuYasha is about to jump in the well and he is carrying a plastic bag over his shoulder. He then turns and smiles. A wonderful image!!

Busy, busy, busy.....
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