Three Greek Centaurs Picture

This is an illustration of three different varieties of centaur-like beings that are canon in greek mythology. The first is the "Hippocentaur", which is basically the centaur that is by far the most well known. It's equine and more dwarfish relative is the "Onocentaur" or donkey centaur. And last is an aquatic distant relative whom I'd imagine as more of a hybrid species with centaur and mermaid/merman breeder, called the "Ichthyoncentaur" or fish centaur. Traditionally, ichthyocentaurs are depicted with only the forelegs of the horse and the fishtail right after, but I felt that it would serve as an impracticality and an inconvenience, so I draw my ichthyocentaurs with the horse hindlegs as well.
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