Pony centaur Picture

Centaurs took over my brain today.

I've no idea why; I haven't read any Greek mythology or any bastardized version thereof lately. I haven't been to any sites that feature centaur art; the latest reference was a book that had a three sentence reference to centaurs I re-read a couple of weeks ago. So why the sudden attack of centaurness? No idea. That being said, here's the result.

Usually when centaurs are drawn, you get a correctly porportioned horsey bit that gets a human torso stuck on it and there ya go. I tried that and tried that and it never came out looking right, so I took a stab at doing it from the other direction: I sketched in a correctly porportioned human and added horsey bits. Say you're a short woman, say 5' even or 60" tall. (My height) The point of your hip would be where the horse bit started, which would be about 35" (I measured. Told you they took over my brain.) That makes a pony bit 35" at the shoulder or 8 hands, 3 inches.

That gives you a small pony centaur. I decided to base the pony bit on the classic Shetland bodystyle, which means you get a chunky, stocky pony bit with way too much mane and tail, an attitude and a tendancy to kick. Bet she's fun at parties.

I even went so far as to give her a piebald coat, some clothes ('cause there's just no way to sit a trot bralass, I'm sorry) and even a sporran! I figure it's the easiest type of pouch to carry on a pony body.

Now all she needs is a name.
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